We, of brain and ash
Laid resting on golden fields
A heartbeat in heat

Mobs, wiry tangles
Three shots. Madness. A taint cries.
Disappeared, my love

Years must pass slowly
The pert mound looks downward, sinks
Old lady’s walnut

Do my eyes dare open?
Shut. Linked in ill fantasy play.
Finger to my taint.

I am young again.
Faceless Adonis nearby
all false flesh in mind.


Please Hammer, don’t hurt
them and their bumps with your mag-
ical zebra taint.

For Carrie

February 10, 2011


Every twenty years
the taint goes out of style
and we all forget

the times that we shared,
midnight bandanna parties,
Fruity Loop 3 jamz,

laughing at boners,
puking on your front sidewalk,
dizzy and so on

– but it will return,
once it has been forgotten,
The Age of the Taint

in peripheral,
distinct from the dead, notice
Taint Snagged On Barbwire

amidst the stench
and the moaning of dozens,
the soft spot dangles

to comfort bleeding bodies,
no one could deny

Far from yesterday,
I was born the day before –
I know what matters

shut up little boy
we don’t care about your pain
we serve taint spirits

my defense crumbles,
the inmates eat me alive,
this book lied to me

And Many More

March 24, 2010

A candle planted
in my asshole, and lighted
voices sing to me

I blow it out, and
hot, cheap, wax drips on my taint
but I made a wish

That this year might bring
happiness, goodwill, and cheer
to my birthday taint.


March 22, 2010

in my sunset years,
supposedly relaxing,
picking up hobbies,

new fish, new fishtank,
eliminated mortgage,
expensive art books,

my daughters are dead,
the gardener works too hard,
and my taint is dry.

A Taint Infection
just might hospitalize you
if you’re not careful

Mike Watt had one, ouch!
but the minuteman survived
for killer basslines

SM Jenkins’ Taint

March 6, 2010

Time tired your taint
Simply put, the taint wants to
grow old to begin.

The taint is dressed for
success but it never comes.
Leisure suit: nothing.

Protein delta strip
The taint mixes cocktails with
Plastic-tipped cigars.

Darling, don’t you cut
your taint; do you think it’s go-
ing to make him change?

I’m just a boy with
a new taint and it is a
pretty nice choda.

Bad Medication

March 4, 2010

After intense squats
I just wanted some relief
like Shaq’s commercial

rubbed it on sore glutes
icy dulls, hot relaxes
but the cream, it spread

relief was not had
alternating hot and cold
my taint has gone numb.